You don't speak french ?

No worries, we got you covered!

About us

Our company specialises in security systems targeting entries for your home, office or building. The service we provide ranges from simple door locks to acces controled building. We are a pationate team of specialist available 24h/7 in the Paris area. We can provide emergency door opening services, installs and maintenance.


Ofcourse, because we are awsome, we can do all the above while speaking english… or singing… that’s up to you.

We have been around for almost a decade now and have always tried to satisfy all of our clients needs. We work « step by step » starting by providing you with a free quote filled with all the information you need to compare our services with other companies. We do not hide anything from you. Once the quote is accepted we install the products while respecting the « rules of art » and your deadline.

Got an emergency ?

Shit happens but don't worry! We have the knowledge and the tools to open that door!Before any intervention we provide a survey and a quote for you to compare. We guarantee our work with no extra cost!


1, 3, 5 points... it doesnt matter! We sale, repaire or replace any type of locks.


Over 220k references, don't worry... we can make a copy!


Your key is broken ? Doesn't go in the cylinder ? It does not want to turn ? We have the solution!


We can open, close, fix or change any type of doors.

so how does that work ?

give us a call, a mail or come visit!

in case of an emergency... just give us a call...

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