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Locksmith Paris

You don’t speak french ?
No worries, we got you covered!

We really do, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid we got the answer.
we speak english
We are available 24/7 in the Paris area. You can ask for a free quote!
Got an emergency ?
We are covered, we got our civil responsibility and decennial insurance
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About us

Locksmith Paris – We are locksmiths

Our company specialises in security systems targeting entries for your home, office or building. The service we provide ranges from simple door locks to acces controled building. We are a pationate team of specialist available 24h/7 in the Paris area. We can provide emergency door opening services, installs and maintenance.

Ofcourse, because we are awsome, we can do all the above while speaking english… or singing… that’s up to you.

We have been around for over a decade now and have always tried to satisfy all of our clients needs. We work « step by step » starting by providing you with a free quote filled with all the information you need to compare our locksmith services with other companies. We do not hide anything from you. Once the quote is accepted we install the products while respecting the « rules of art » and your deadline.


Years of Experience

meet the locksmith paris team

Small team but always available for you !

François Krikorian

Founder of Hangist. He’s been around with you for almost 12 years. Dedicated to put his art at your service and strive to practice his job the closest possible to the Hangist philosophy.

Stéphane El Fassy

He use to be a real estate technical advisor and has joined Hangist for over a year. He is the business manager and makes sure the service is provided as requested. He understands and makes sure that all rules and regulation are respected at all time !

Alexandre Robert

The technician. The hands behind all work. With François, he identifies the issue and applies the solution. He always takes the time to fully apply all his technic with the perfect respect of the rules of art.

Office: 0188335556
Mobile: 0695059919
Mail: contact@hangist.fr


Got an emergency?

Don’t worry, you found your locksmith in paris, be hangist

Shit happens but don’t worry! We have the knowledge and the tools to open that door! Before any intervention we provide a survey and a quote for you to compare. We guarantee our work with no extra cost!

  • 1 point to 7 point locks, from non A2P certified to A2P3 stars certified locks it doesn’t matter! We sale, repair or replace any type of locks.

  • Your key is broken? Doesn’t go in the cylinder? It does not want to turn? We have the solution! We provide emergency services for all type of cylinder. European locks, tubular locks, mortise locks and more.

  • Over 15k references and more than 2000 directly available at our shop, we can definitely make a copy! Oh and we also work with all worldwide brands so even if your key is copy protected we can order it for you!

  • We can open, close, fix or change any type of doors.


Installation & replacement

Locksmith services for your installation and replacement

We are a small team of dedicated artisans that try their best to preserve what exist instead of replacing when we get a chance. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. For that reason, we provide a full service for the replacement & installation of all the components of your door. You can directly call us 24h/7 to ask any question.

  • 1 point lock replacement and installation
  • 3 point lock replacement and installation
  • 5 point lock replacement and installation
  • Euro cylinder lock replacement and installation
  • Door handle replacement and installation
  • Door automatic lock replacement and installation
  • Door hinge replacement and installation


Contact Us

Locksmith paris

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

We are available 24/7 and calling is free so in case of an emergency or if you need a quote for a job do not hesitate!

If you want to meet, great! Its at 63 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris, our shop is opened from 9h30 to 18h30 but if you need us at a different time than no worries, we’ll be open for you.

Locksmiths in Paris that are not limited to one brand

We are not limited to one brand and never force a client to choose one brand over the other. Multi branding is here so we can replace your existing lock with an exact match. Working with all the brands available allow us to repair your lock and your door.

Come visit us
(we have coffee, coke, orange juice and beer)
63 boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris

All products (locks, padlocks, cylinders, doors and components) that are sold and visible online are sold and visible at or shop. You can come test all the products before you purchase.

All locks and cylinders respect the A2P Certification from the CNPP and comply with the highest grades of the EN NF 1303 Norm

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