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don't speak french ?
no worries, we got you covered!

We speak English, we really do, if you have any questions don’t be afraid, we got the answer. We can even sing* if you want.

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*we do not sing very well

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who are we ?

We are a passionate team of specialists

Over 10 years of service

We are Locksmiths real ones...

Our company specializes in security systems targeting entries for your home, office or building. The service we provide ranges from simple door locks to access controlled building. We are a passionate team of specialist available 24h/7 in the Paris area. We can provide emergency door opening services, installs and maintenance.

Of course because we are awesome, we can do all the above while speaking English… or singing… that’s up to you (obviously some kind of ear protection will be necessary for the latter).

Advanced knowledge

Mechanical and electrical experience

Lets just say that we have seen it all. No matter what door, no matter what lock, we will have a solution for you. We keep learning new stuff everyday and work will all major brands all over the world.

We are lucky to have a small shop in Paris where we can test all new types of security systems and find weak points so we can work faster for you.

Emergency services

Don't worry be hangist you found your locksmith

Don’t worry, you found your locksmith in paris, be hangist

Shit happens but don’t worry! We have the knowledge and the tools to open that door! Before any intervention we provide a survey and a quote for you to compare. We guarantee our work with no extra cost!


Need a product ? we got it all

Mechanically, there are no limits to what we can provide or build for your door. We work with all the brands and stock over 200 references.

In case we don’t have what you need, we can always put up a temporary lock for free until we receive your order.

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Get the job done the right way

We are available 24/7 and calling is free, so in case of an emergency or if you need a quote for a job, do not hesitate!